Looking Back: Campbell House Move

On March 31, 1972, the building now sitting on the northwest corner of Queen & University, Campbell House, set off on a journey from its original home at the head of Frederick Street in what was once the small town of York.

This gallery follows the house on its ambling pace across Adelaide Street.

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[This article has been republished to correct a formatting problem in the photo gallery.]

6 thoughts on “Looking Back: Campbell House Move

  1. What an awesome event! Having enjoyed a number of small chamber music concerts at Campbell House, I’d have sworn it has been there on Queen St forever — especially when in the cellar! What an accomplishment!


  2. A fabulous series – we need to do more of this, vs. urban removal. There’s a HUGE amount of embodied energy/materials/GHGs in the materials of our cities, too often trashed/tossed into Lake Ontario, and scale is such it rivals the Islands.


  3. Great photo essay. It brings to mind The Crimson Permanent Assurance from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.


  4. I was curious why the house was moved (I don’t recall if you, Steve, mentioned it in previous posts about the move), so I checked the museum’s website.

    This is what I found: “The last owners of the property (Coutts-Hallmark Greeting Cards) wanted to demolish the house to extend their parking lot.”

    FFS! A parking lot?

    Steve: There were a lot of parking lots in the old industrial areas downtown in those days.


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