RSS Feed for Articles Fixed

Somehow, a rogue character that gave RSS readers trouble crept into the article on March 25 about the Metrolinx Investment Strategy.  This caused the “Entries RSS” feed to fail.

The problem has been fixed.

5 thoughts on “RSS Feed for Articles Fixed

  1. Thanks. I thought it was a quirk of Tiny Tiny RSS that I recently switched too because of the impending death of Google Reader.

    Do you know what percentage of people are reading your blog through Google Reader? When it shut down it is going to hurt blogging already suffering under the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

    Steve: I get a lot of hits from Google searches, but relatively few through Google Reader. For major articles, I cross-post to Facebook and Twitter to alert followers of new content.


  2. I use Google Reader so I always know when there is a new blog and it is easy to find.

    When the feed was down, I was able to find your website articles, but I was told that my reply “looked like spam” and was blocked.

    Steve: I don’t think these are related. I block a long list of class “C” subnets from which spam has arrived, and occasionally get one that is actually a pool used by an ISP. There has been no interruption in the flow of comments visible from this end, but you are the second person to mention blocking. If this happens again, please email me your IP address and the text of your comment so that I can see what entry in my blacklist is catching you.


  3. Tiny Tiny RSS is reporting an error in the comment feed:

    This XML document is invalid, likely due to invalid characters. XML error: Invalid character at line 116, column 25

    Steve: Fixed. There was bad data in a comment submitted by a reader.


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