TIFF 2011 Reviews Part I

September brings the Toronto International Film Festival, a period when some of my readers complain that I am preoccupied with movies, and a few think I may miss some skulduggery in transit politics.

Last year’s reviews (and indeed my spring batch from hotdocs) were incomplete for personal reasons.  I may push short versions out the door at some point, or just leave that to history.  The films that deserved to vanish without a trace have already done so, and those that deserved accolades have, mostly, seen them without help from me.  I will try to do better this year.

Reviewed here:

  • Pina *****
  • Le Havre ***
  • Urbanized **½
  • Keyhole **½
  • The Love We Make ***
  • Land of Oblivion ***
  • Barrymore ****
  • Alois Nebel ***½

This covers days 1 to 3 of the festival.

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