WordPress 3.0 Implementation

This site is undergoing maintenance to the “look-and-feel” of a new WordPress theme, but is available for general use. During this period, you may see the site with a different appearance from normal as new software is tested.

Style mavens who wish to complain about the current layout should find some other useful way to occupy their time. This is a work in progress.

Things I have already fixed/changed:

  • The original default typesize was a tad too small.  I have bumped it slightly, and also changed the option of how available sizes are displayed for selection.
  • The ability to get an RSS feed for an individual article still exists in WordPress 3.0, but was not included in the new default template.  I have updated the comment section so that this feed now appears just above the comment box.
  • Block quotes now have a shaded background so that the italicized text is not confused for comments of my own.
  • Modify CSS so that underscored text does not intercept character descenders (accessibility).
  • Various links did not need to be underscored (next/previous post, for example).  They no longer have it to save on cluttering up the layout.
  • Bullets in lists have been changed from square to disc.
  • Modify CSS so that some fields now displayed in black are shown in dark green, the standard colour of this site.
  • Make the swan avatar appear without the tedious repetition of an ad-hoc bio line on every post.
  • Implement green/brown colour scheme for links.
  • Fix menu area so separators are all green regardless of “visited/unvisited” status.

Works in progress/planned:

  • Mobile support using standard plugins (see separate post on this topic).
  • Block mobile displays from starting with the complete text of the menu bar and all of its options.