The Winter Garden’s Moon Shines Again

With the Film Festival making good use of the Winter Garden theatre, I’ve been in that house a few times recently.  One vital piece of decor was not in working order: the moon in the sky over the stage, house left.

Theatre lights are important, and the Winter Garden’s moon is a key part of the decor.  I wrote to the Ontario Heritage Foundation about this, and here’s their reply:

Hi. Thank you for your enquiry about the moon in the Winter Garden’s “sky”. The bulb that lights up the moon had burned out late last week. Because we’ve had both daytime and evening screenings all week unfortunately there was no time to change the bulb. Today, things are somewhat less hectic upstairs, with only one screening in the W.G. at 8 pm. The light bulb will be changed today and the moon will shine once again! Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Arnie Lappin
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre

Long may it shine!