Toronto Contemplates Transit Funding / Reviews Transit Plans (Updated)

Updated October 9, 2012 at 5:30 pm Toronto’s Executive Committee considered a report on transit funding mechanisms today.  In the following report, I have included only the most interesting or important of comments to give the flavour of the debate. The proceedings were rather odd in that a presentation, cued up for City Staff, was […]

Streetcar Track Rebuilding Plans (Updated)

Updated September 20, 2012 at 6:00 am: Correction:  The work planned for Bingham Loop is the removal of the special work at Victoria Park leading to the unused tail track.  This will eliminate a totally unnecessary wear point at the entrance to the east-to-north curve.  In the original version of the table, I listed this […]

OneCity Plan Reviewed

The OneCity plan has much to recommend it even though in the details it is far from perfect. The funding scheme requires Queen’s Park to modify the handling of assessment value changes, and they are already cool to this scheme.  Why OneCity proponents could not simply and honestly say “we need a 1.9% tax hike […]

Streetcar Track Replacement Plan 2010-2014

For those who are purists about their transit advocacy, listing all of the planned track replacements may seem just the sort of thing a railfan might do.  If that’s your attitude, you’re in the wrong article, probably the wrong site. The streetcar track repairs planned for the next five years mark an important milestone in Toronto’s streetcar […]

Queen’s Quay Revitalization Plan

This week, Waterfront Toronto released detailed plans (18MB download) for the redesign of Queen’s Quay between Bathurst and Parliament Streets. Updated May 7, 2009:  The presentation has moved to a new URL, and related information can be found on the project’s web page. This plan is the culmination of several studies, some of which seemed to go […]

Why Transit City is an LRT Plan (Part 2A)

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about the history of transit plans since the mid-1960s in Toronto and the evolution of planning goals into Toronto’s new Official Plan. That plan has a very different view of our city, and addresses the need to accommodate very large growth in population and transportation demands. Much […]

Track Work Plans

In the midst of all the Transit City postings, something for those who love to monitor the reconstruction of our streetcar system.  Here are the track plans for the TTC as published in the 2007 Capital Budget.  Note that these will change between now and the actual proposed dates, but it gives a sense of […]