Archive Directory for 2014 Posts from Old Site

With the migration of posts from my original site to, the naming convention for articles had to be changed.

This is a directory of all articles with links to the new versions. The number before each title is the “post id” of the article on the old site, and this will appear in any old URLs used to access articles there. These appear as “?p=nnnnn” in the URL where “nnnnn” is a numeric value. Click on the title to access the post on the new site.

This lists articles from January to July of 2014. The remainder of 2014’s content will be added here at the end of the migration from the old to the new site

9065 TTC Capital Budget 2014-2023 Part II: Streetcar Infrastructure
9075 Poor Frozen Streetcars
9078 The Ice Storm and the Deep Freeze Post Mortem
9080 TTC Capital Budget 2014-2023 Part III: The Threat to “State of Good Repair” (Update 2)
9097 Abundant Access: Jarrett Walker & Jennifer Keesmaat Talk Transit
9100 Eight Years On
9106 Will The TTC Board Ever Discuss Policy, or, Good News Is Not Enough (Updated)
9108 Don’t Just Fund Transit, Build Transit
9117 The DRL East as LRT
9147 Travelling to NYC
9157 Time-Based Fares for the TTC? Maybe in 2015
9160 TTC Board Meeting: January 28, 2014
9163 Complaining About Crappy Service
9165 Allocating Transit Costs and Revenues
9172 Toronto’s 2014 Budget & The TTC
9178 Sir John A. Station?
9184 The Gardiner Expressway and Transit to Downtown
9206 Creative Accounting With Subway Operating Costs
9209 TTC Service Changes Effective February 16, 2014
9212 Streetcar System News – February 2014 (Updated)
9218 Metrolinx Contemplates Relief
9225 Metrolinx Contemplates Relief (2)
9231 Metrolinx Contemplates Relief (3) (Meetings Postponed)
9234 Toronto Council Elects Maria Augimeri as New TTC Chair (Updated)
9239 TTC Board Meeting Preview: February 24, 2014
9241 Queens Quay Update: February 2014
9247 Better TTC Service Is More Than a Caretaker’s Job
9268 TTC Board Meeting Followup: February 24, 2014
9275 Three Eras of Planning
9323 TTC Service Changes Effective March 30, 2014
9335 Toronto Deserves Better Transit Service Now! Part 1: Evolution of Service from 2006 to 2014 (Updated)
9352 RSS for Comments Fixed
9354 Toronto Deserves Better Transit Service Now! Part 2: What Can Be Done
9357 Streetcar System News: March 2014
9375 How Long Would The Scarborough LRT Construction Require?
9380 Full Disclosure & An Open Door
9383 When is “LRT” not LRT?
9388 TTC Board Meeting: March 26, 2014
9390 Toronto Deserves Better Transit Service Now! Part 3
9401 Metrolinx Contemplates Relief (4)
9404 Toronto Deserves Better Transit Service Now! Part 4: Streetcar Riders Count Too
9407 A Much Delayed Streetcar Ride on Kingston Road (Updated)
9421 A Subway Anniversary & A Few Old Transfers
9452 Queens Quay Reconstruction 2014 (Updated August 21, 2014)
9456 John Tory’s Mythical Subway
9465 IMAX Streetcars
9468 Four Generations of Streetcars for Easter (Updated)
9470 Scarborough 2006 Travel Patterns (Update 2)
9481 TTC Service Changes Effective May 11, 2014 (Update 4)
9487 Liberals Plan Transit One Tweet At A Time
9508 Neptis Reviews Metrolinx: A Critique (I)
9514 Neptis Reviews Metrolinx: A Critique (II)
9517 How the “Small Stuff” Can Wreck the Best Intentions
9522 Neptis Reviews Metrolinx: A Critique (III)
9537 Neptis Reviews Metrolinx: A Critique (IV)
9543 King & Sumach: Connecting to Cherry Street (Update 10: September 21, 2014)
9571 TTC Board Meeting: April 30, 2014
9594 HotDocs 2014
9605 Vanishing Streetcar Stops (Updated)
9617 Queen & Victoria Reconstruction (Updated May 30, 2014)
9636 TTC & Unions Ratify Four-Year Contract
9641 Analysis of 7 Bathurst Bus: What Is The Effect of Articulated Buses? (Part I, Updated)
9663 So You Want To Own A Subway …
9751 The Minister Muses on High Speed Rail
9759 John Tory’s “One Toronto” Transit Plan
9762 What Should We Do With $47-million?
9775 TTC Service Changes for June 22, 2014 (Update 2)
9780 TTC Route Relettering
9783 Just What Is The Liberal Platform on High Speed Rail?
9792 Plans by Murray and Tory: Steve Visits Goldhawk
9795 John Lorinc and the Sad Story of Scarborough Transit
9812 Building the Connection to Leslie Barns (Updated December 8, 2014)
9820 TTC Board Meeting of May 28, 2014
9840 Analysis of 7 Bathurst Bus: What Is The Effect of Articulated Buses? (Part II)
9869 An Interactive Display of Boston Subway Performance Data
9877 Queens Quay Reopening for Streetcars Delayed Again (Update June 24, 2014)
9890 A Father of LRT Speaks in Waterloo
9893 Internet Problems Are Temporary: Please Do Not Adjust Your Sets
9897 TTC Board Meeting June 24, 2014
9900 Reconstruction of Dundas & Spadina
9913 Metrolinx Board Meeting June 26, 2014 (Corrected)
9934 Broadview & Queen Reconstruction (Updated July 17, 2014)
9943 How Much Will $15-billion Buy Us? (Updated)
9957 Reconstruction of Dundas & Spadina (Updated August 8, 2014)
10001 TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday, July 20, 2014
10007 The National Post Discovers “Streetcarnage” (Updated)
10017 The Mythology of “New” Federal Gas Tax Subsidies
10023 TTC Board Meeting: July 23, 2014 (Updated)
10033 July 19, 1974: The End of the Line on Rogers Road
10057 An Interview With a New Minister / GO Isn’t a DRL Replacement
10081 TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday, August 31, 2014 (Update 3)
10101 The Crisis in TTC Service Capacity (Update 3)
10129 TTC Management Proposes Widespread Service Improvements, Two Hour Fare and More (Updated)
10172 TTC Service Changes for October 12, 2014 (Updated)
10174 RER, UP(X), (D)RL, SmartTrack, W(W/E)LRT: The Frustration of Competing Plans
10178 Flexities Debut on Spadina (Update 2)
10224 John Tory's "SmartTrack": Will That Train Ever Leave The Station?
10233 How Can the TTC Run More Service?
10254 SmartTrack Reviewed
10258 Getting Ready For Streetcars Returning to Queens Quay
10266 Measuring and Reporting on Service Quality
10275 The Ford Family Subway Plan
10282 Olivia Chow's Lost Momentum on Transit
10288 Streetcars Return to Queens Quay
10303 SmartTrack: That Pesky Curve in Mount Dennis
10345 Why I Voted For Olivia
10354 Bathurst Street Track Construction 2014 (Updated)
10362 Some Friendly Advice For The Mayor Elect
10368 TTC Service Changes for November 23, 2014
10376 The Challenge of Improving Subway Service (Updated)
10400 Another Look at A Grand Plan
10404 At Last! 4404 Arrives (Updated)
10410 Perspectives on Regional Planning and Transportation: A France-Canada Forum
10418 The Creeping Presence of Buses on 504 King
10422 TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday, December 21, 2014
10426 TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday, January 4, 2015
10433 Transportation in Toronto: Achievements & Prospects
10438 The Not So Speedy 509 Harbourfront Car
10452 John Tory Discovers Buses
10461 Presto Comes to Spadina
10465 Presto Permutations
10470 Mayor Tory Fights Congestion, Maybe
10479 John Tory Launches SmartTrack Study
10481 The Dubious Planning Behind SmartTrack (Part I)
10491 The Dubious Planning Behind SmartTrack (Part II)
10506 The Dubious Planning Behind SmartTrack (Part III)
10520 Stop Spacing: How Close is Too Close?
10523 What Does Scarborough Transit Need?
10528 Birth of a Name: Transit City
10538 The Mythology of GO Transit "Fare By Distance" Pricing
10544 Metrolinx December 2014 Board Meeting
10549 TTC Service Changes for February 15, 2015
10562 The TTC Looks Ahead to 2015

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