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With the migration of posts from my original site to, the naming convention for articles had to be changed.

This is a directory of all articles with links to the new versions. The number before each title is the “post id” of the article on the old site, and this will appear in any old URLs used to access articles there. These appear as “?p=nnnnn” in the URL where “nnnnn” is a numeric value. Click on the title to access the post on the new site.

7168 Looking Back: Toronto By Night II
7223 How Should We Measure Transit Service Quality?
7252 Headway Reliability on 501 Queen for November 2011
7268 Resurrecting the Scarborough Subway
7270 Resurrecting the Scarborough Subway
7273 TTC Meeting January 21, 2013 (Updated)
7278 What's This Photo Doing on Metrolinx' Website? (Updated)
7283 New Premier, New Policies? (Updated)
7286 Seven
7290 Step Right Up for the Miracle Cure! (Updated)
7309 Metrolinx Math
7314 Waterfront East Update: February 2013 (Updated)
7324 Service Changes Effective Sunday, February 17, 2013
7326 Service Changes Effective Sunday, March 31, 2013
7330 Metrolinx Meeting Preview: February 14, 2013 (Update 2)
7336 Running Times for the Queen Car: The Long Ride from Neville to Long Branch (Update 2)
7381 Getting to the End of the Line: Short Turns on the Queen Car
7394 TTC Meeting Preview: February 25, 2013 (Update 2)
7401 Queen Street and New Streetcars: Less Service, Fewer Stops, Wider Gaps?
7410 New Stop Poles and Maps for TTC Surface Routes
7429 Analysis of 29 Dufferin for March 2012 — Part I: Headway Reliability
7446 TTC Announces a Customer Charter
7456 Analysis of 29 Dufferin for March 2012 — Part II: Running Times (Updated)
7468 Feeling Congested: Does Toronto Suffer From "The Moscow Syndrome"? (Updated)
7510 4400 Makes Inaugural Run to Bathurst Station (Update 2)
7514 A Chat With Minister Murray
7526 Past and Future Streetcar Service Capacity
7535 Ed Levy Writes About Rapid Transit in Toronto
7539 Board of Trade Advocates New Revenue For Transit
7543 Saying "Sorry" Is Only The Beginning
7558 What Should Be In The Metrolinx Investment Strategy?
7561 York Street Construction News
7566 Second New Streetcar Enroute to Toronto (Updated)
7569 Kingston Road Construction News
7576 Downtown Traffic Operations Study
7578 The Saga of Leslie Barns
7581 TTC Meeting Wrapup: March 27, 2013
7583 Looking Back: Restoring the Peter Witt Cars 2766 and 2894
7614 Metrolinx Reveals Preferred Revenue Tools, But Says Little About Investment
7622 RSS Feed for Articles Fixed
7634 The Metrolinx "Big Conversation": What are The People Saying?
7654 A Chat With Minister Murray (Part II) (Corrected)
7657 $2-billion or $4-billion a Year – What Are Metrolinx' Real Spending Plans?
7670 Inside The Planners Studio
7678 How Much Does Toronto Want to be Taxed for Transit?
7686 How Bad Is TTC Service: A First Quarter Report
7688 Sabre Rattling in Halton?
7691 Analysis of 29 Dufferin for March 2012 — Part III: Detailed Daily Operations
7715 TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday May 12, 2013
7721 City Hall's Transit Gridlock Must End (Updated)
7725 TTC Meeting Wrapup: April 24, 2013 (Updated)
7736 hotdocs 2013
7741 A Few Delicate Questions About The Scarborough Subway (Updated)
7747 Waterfront West Update (Revised June 15, 2013)
7761 Irresponsible Madness at City Hall (Update 2)
7775 Five Years, Seven Goals: Where Will The TTC Be In 2018
7790 Service Continuity on Kingston Road
7792 Service Changes Effective June 23, 2013 (Updated)
7794 TTC Meeting May 24, 2013 (Update 3)
7799 Pape Station to Close for Construction August 19-30, 2013
7819 Can The Metrolinx Investment Strategy Succeed?
7822 TTC's Five Year Plan Reviewed
7841 TTC Service Changes Effective August 4, 2013 (Update 2)
7847 Jarrett Walker / Human Transit Coming To Toronto
7850 What Does Subway Construction Cost?
7857 More Metrolinx New Math (Updated)
7891 TTC Route Ridership and Service Statistics 2004:2012 (Updated)
7906 TTC Low Floor LRV Roll Out Plan Released (Update 3)
7915 Preliminary Analysis of King Car Operations AM Peak Downtown (Updated)
7952 King Street: Twenty Years of No Transit Priority
7961 TTC Meeting Wrapup for June 24, 2013
7963 Analysis of 501 Queen for Saturday, May 25, 2013
7971 York Street Reconstruction (Update 11)
7973 How Many Streetcars Will Fit at King & Spadina? (Update 2)
7976 Feeling Congested Part 2: Setting Priorities
7990 Development Charges and Transit Expansion
7997 Kingston Road Reconstruction (Update 18)
8011 An Interminable Debate About Track Gauge
8024 The Scarborough Subway Vs LRT Debate, Again (Updated)
8050 Real Time Animation of TTC Operations
8057 Metrolinx Board Meeting of June 27, 2013
8072 Waterfront Transit Update July 2013
8075 Will Scarborough Get A Subway?
8083 30,000 Comments
8089 A Few Questions About the Scarborough Transit Debate
8091 Cherry Street Track Construction (Update 3)
8097 A Subway for Scarborough — Still Not a Done Deal (Updated)
8121 Rebuilding Broadview & Gerrard
8141 Where and When Is King Street Congested? (Updated)
8154 An Inaugural Ride on 4401
8187 Another DRL Proposal or Just Another Gerrymander? (Update 2)
8202 TTC Board Meeting Wrapup for July 24, 2013
8215 Memo to Glen Murray & Karen Stintz: Are You Really Serious About Transit in Scarborough?
8242 How Much Will The Scarborough Subway Cost Us?
8249 The 100-Year Lie
8272 TTC Service Changes Effective September 1, 2013
8275 King & Spadina Intersection Reconstruction (Update 6)
8285 Metrolinx Puts Scarborough LRT on Hold
8307 Motorists vs Transit — 50 Years On
8383 Analysis of TTC Vehicle Monitoring Data: Looking Under the Covers
8404 Analysis of Route 54 Lawrence East (Part I)
8427 Analysis of Route 54 Lawrence East (Part II)
8460 Does Transit Really Get Priority?
8492 Where Will the Scarborough Subway Go?
8498 Analysis of Route 505 Dundas (Part I)
8523 Transit Technology Choices: A Quote Worth Repeating
8534 King Street Update — Fall 2013
8541 TIFF Reviews 2013: Part I
8544 Scarborough Subway (via SRT) Feasibility Study (Update 7)
8559 Paying For Transit With Development
8572 Cycling as a Transit Alternative
8580 TIFF Review 2013: Part II
8585 Ossington Avenue Track Reconstruction (Update 2)
8597 TTC Service Changes Effective October 13, 2013 (Updated)
8637 Metrolinx Benefits Case Analysis for the Richmond Hill Subway
8644 Construction That Never Ends (Update 4)
8660 Will Scarborough Get Its Subway? (Updated: Probably)
8670 Spadina Queens Quay Loop (Update 5)
8674 Who Will Reunite Toronto?
8681 TTC Service Changes Effective November 24 and December 22, 2013
8689 Once Upon a Time in Scarborough
8692 Moving People Downtown: The Gardiner East Is Only The Beginning
8708 TTC Board Meeting October 23, 2013 (Update 3)
8714 The Transit Investment Panel: Hard Truths
8717 How Does The City Grow?
8730 How Unreliable Is My Service? (Updated November 1, 2014)
8733 Updating TTC Wayfinding
8763 TTC Low Floor LRV Update
8765 Measuring Service Quality
8770 A Don Mills Subway For Toronto
8776 The Transit Investment Panel: The Transit We Need
8788 Measuring The Big Move
8809 The Big U and the little u
8815 TTC Operating Budget 2014 (Update 2)
8818 TTC Capital Budget 2014-2023 (Updated)
8824 Analysis of Route 501 Queen May to October 2013: Part I Headways
8860 Yonge Subway Shutdown Between Eglinton and St. Clair Postponed to 2016
8863 TTC Board Meeting November 18, 2013 (Updated)
8888 Crosstown LRT Interchanges with the Yonge-University-Spadina Subway
8908 Nov. 30 GO Lakeshore West Shutdown
8921 TTC Harvey Shops Open House
8931 Table Test
8943 Congestion Management and Transit Priority: Toronto's Confused Approach
8948 Where Is The TTC's Customer Liaison Panel? (Updated)
8951 Inching Ahead on Downtown Relief (Updated)
8956 Metrolinx Board Meeting December 5, 2013
8964 Future Demand on the Downtown Subway Network
8975 The Joys of VIA Rail Operations
8978 TTC Service Changes Effective January 5, 2014
8990 The Problem With LRT Publicity (Updated)
8995 Tearing Apart The Big Move
9006 Yet Another Way To Fund Transit
9010 TTC Board Meeting December 19, 2013 (Update 5)
9014 TTC Capital Budget 2014-23 Part I: Fleet Plans (Or, Where Will We Put The Riders?)
9038 Eglinton Crosstown Update
9047 Sprawl Is Good For You?
9065 TTC Capital Budget 2014-2023 Part II: Streetcar Infrastructure
9075 Poor Frozen Streetcars
9078 The Ice Storm and the Deep Freeze Post Mortem
9080 TTC Capital Budget 2014-2023 Part III: The Threat to "State of Good Repair" (Update 2)
9097 Abundant Access: Jarrett Walker & Jennifer Keesmaat Talk Transit
9100 Eight Years On
9106 Will The TTC Board Ever Discuss Policy, or, Good News Is Not Enough (Updated)
9108 Don't Just Fund Transit, Build Transit
9117 The DRL East as LRT
9147 Travelling to NYC

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