Archive Directory for 2012 Posts from Old Site

With the migration of posts from my original site to, the naming convention for articles had to be changed.

This is a directory of all articles with links to the new versions. The number before each title is the “post id” of the article on the old site, and this will appear in any old URLs used to access articles there. These appear as “?p=nnnnn” in the URL where “nnnnn” is a numeric value. Click on the title to access the post on the new site.

5874 A War on Parking?
5877 A Look Back: Dundas Cars Near City Hall
5887 Proposed Service Changes for February 12, 2012 (Updated)
5896 Rebuilding A Transit City
5906 Metrolinx Plans a Fare Increase
5911 A Discussion of Traffic Signal Operations
5914 Council Votes a Small Increase in TTC Funding (Update 3)
5918 Stintz Supports LRT, Maybe (Update 3)
5928 First Steps for a Transit Compromise (Update 3)
5942 Goodbye to the H4 Trains
5948 TTC Meeting Preview for January 31, 2012
5952 Six Years
5955 Ford Had No Authority to Cancel Transit City (Updated)
5967 Ford Attempts Coup to Stall Debate on Transit City
5971 The Chong Report (I) (Updated)
5981 Stintz Leads Call for Special Council Meeting (Update 3)
5985 Metrolinx Contemplates LRT vs Subway (Updated)
5998 After the Vote: What Does the Future Hold for Council and the TTC?
6002 The LRT Vote: A Long Day at Council (I)
6007 The LRT Vote: A Long Day at Council (II) (Updated)
6017 Russell Carhouse Track Construction Plans (Updated)
6019 Metrolinx Meeting for February 2012 (Updated)
6024 Metrolinx and the Toronto Council LRT Decision
6026 A Few Questions About Presto
6038 TTC Board May Try To Fire Chief General Manager
6044 “So are they all, all honourable men”
6049 The Secret Sheppard Subway Report
6056 Service Changes Effective March 25, 2012 (Corrected)
6059 Sheppard Panel To Recommend LRT, Not Subway
6066 TTC Meeting Review February 29, 2012
6070 TTC Coup Planned for March 5 Council Meeting (Updated)
6075 44 Mandates Count For More Than 1
6080 Where Should We Go From Here?
6082 A Brief Interruption
6091 Paul Bedford’s Valediction to Metrolinx
6095 Union Station / King Station Update
6100 Many Questions for a Pro-LRT Campaign
6111 The Sheppard LRT Report (Part I)
6119 The Sheppard LRT Report (Part II)
6124 Sheppard East Vote Delayed to March 22, 2012
6126 Toronto Council Approves Sheppard East LRT
6128 The Sheppard LRT Report (Part III)
6136 The Sheppard LRT Report (Part IV)
6142 TTC Meeting Preview March 30, 2012
6146 Service Changes for May 2012 (Updated)
6153 A Look Back: Rail Grinder W28
6174 Senior College Symposium at the University of Toronto
6178 The Challenge of the Eastern Waterfront
6190 Los Angeles vs Toronto: Funding and Building a Transit Network
6204 Metrolinx Resurrects Transit City (Updated)
6214 Paying the Piper
6218 Where Should We Put the “Downtown Relief” Line?
6221 TTC Meeting Wrapup: May 1, 2012
6233 Hot Docs 2012
6235 Service Changes Effective June 18, 2012
6242 Queen East Construction News (Updated September 21)
6250 Streetcars in the Eastern Waterfront (Well, Track Anyhow) (Update 3)
6252 Good News Far Too Much of the Time
6256 The High Cost of Going Underground(?) (Updated)
6268 Looking Back: Moving House on a Grand Scale
6291 Analysis of 36 Finch West for November 2011 & March 2012 (Part I) (Updated)
6344 TTC Meeting Preview: May 30, 2012
6372 TTC v. Metrolinx (Again): Who’s In Charge Here? (Update 2)
6381 Queen’s Quay West Construction Schedule Announced
6387 So You Want To Be A Transit Commissioner (Update 2)
6390 Congestion? Where’s the Congestion?
6404 Spadina Reconstruction News (Updated May 15, 2013)
6410 Metrolinx Board Meeting, June 2012
6424 Service Changes Effective July 29, 2012
6432 “One City” To Serve Them All
6440 OneCity Plan Reviewed
6446 TTC Meeting Wrapup: June 29, 2012 (Updated)
6452 The Missing Half of OneCity
6475 The Fate of OneCity (Updated)
6538 How Long Will Rebuilding The SRT Take?
6545 How Can Transit Serve a Revived Ontario Place?
6555 Service Changes Effective September 2, 2012 (Updated)
6563 Looking Back: Services to the CNE
6601 CLRVs Visit Boston
6621 Waterfront East LRT: Will This Ship Ever Sail? (Updated)
6629 TTC To Order Artic Buses from Nova Bus
6634 Zero Percent Is Not Acceptable
6656 Service Changes Effective October 7, 2012
6665 McCaul Street Construction (Updated October 25, 2012)
6674 How Network Structure Matters — The Birth of the Grid in Toronto
6677 A Few Millimetres
6692 TIFF 2012 Part I
6696 TIFF 2012 Part II
6699 TIFF 2012 Part III
6701 Streetcar Track Rebuilding Plans (Updated)
6735 Dining With Andy Byford
6738 Metrolinx Dumps TTC as LRT Partner (Maybe)
6742 Car 4400 Is In Toronto
6756 Dufferin Street Track Construction (Update 2)
6761 TTC Proposed Operating Budget 2013
6768 Toronto Contemplates Transit Funding / Reviews Transit Plans (Updated)
6800 Raining on Civic Action’s 32 Minute Parade
6804 Tim Hudak Has A Plan (Updated)
6821 Queen’s Quay Track Construction (Updated November 15, 2012)
6831 The Cost of Auto Travel
6835 TTC Rediscovers the Downtown Relief Line (Update 4)
6882 Spadina Extension Opening Pushed Back to Late 2016
6885 TTC Madness: A Subway for Everyone
6895 City Ombudsman Slams TTC For Inexcusable Community Consultation
6898 For Torontoist: What’s In the Toronto/Metrolinx Agreement?
6904 What’s In and What’s Missing in the Metrolinx Agreement?
6906 Services Changes Effective November 18, 2012 (Updated)
6910 TTC 2013 Capital Budget Part I: Subway Fleet Plan
6917 TTC 2013 Capital Budget Part II: Bus Fleet Plans
6923 TTC 2013 Capital Budget Part III: Streetcar Fleet and Infrastructure (Updated)
6943 TTC Capital Budget 2013 Part IV: Subway Infrastructure
6949 Forty Years On, Still Waiting For a Suburban LRT Network
6956 Streetcar Track and Cyclists
6967 A Debut Party for Car 4400
6986 TTC 2013 Budget Update (Update 2)
6999 Jerry Waese Street Scenes
7003 TTC November 2012 Meeting Wrapup
7016 The 501 — Toronto in Transit
7020 Metrolinx Announces Design Changes and Public Meetings on Eglinton LRT (Update 8)
7026 Metrolinx Updates The Big Move, Announces Priorities for Phase 2 Projects (Updated)
7041 Metrolinx Meeting Wrapup — December 2012
7047 Metrolinx and the Auditor General (Updated)
7060 TTC Service Changes for January 2013
7064 TTC Service and Budgets 2006 to 2013
7078 TTC Meeting Wrapup for December 19, 2012
7091 Looking Back: Toronto By Night I

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