Archive Directory for 2011 Posts from Old Site

With the migration of posts from my original site to, the naming convention for articles had to be changed.

This is a directory of all articles with links to the new versions. The number before each title is the “post id” of the article on the old site, and this will appear in any old URLs used to access articles there. These appear as “?p=nnnnn” in the URL where “nnnnn” is a numeric value. Click on the title to access the post on the new site.

4783 A Grand Plan: 2011 Edition
4797 TTC Budget 2011: Service Cuts Definitely, Fare Increase Maybe (Update 6)
4805 To Thread or Not To Thread (Updated)
4814 The “Ooops” Factor in Planned Service Cuts (Updated)
4819 TTC Operating Budget 2011 (Update 3)
4837 TTC 2011 Capital Budget
4846 Not Quite Greased Lightning: GO Transit to Electrify, Eventually
4860 Planned Service Cuts and Managed Public Consultation (Update 4)
4881 Wanna Buy a Subway?
4887 Five Years
4892 Not Quite So Many Service Cuts (Updated)
4901 For The Greater Good (Update 4)
4915 Has TTC Management Hijacked “Customer Service”? (Updated)
4920 TTC Budget Update: More Service, Maybe
4933 If One Bus Is Good, Seven Must Be Better
4937 What Is A “Skills Based” Transit Commission?
4941 The Ashbridge Carhouse Debate
4946 Service Changes Effective February 13, 2011
4948 Streetcar Fleet and Infrastructure Plans 2011
4962 Subway Fleet and Infrastructure Plans 2011
4970 Ford Proposes Privately Built Sheppard Subway (Updated)
4981 Metrolinx Contemplates Ford’s Subway Plan
4988 TTC Service Changes Effective March 27, 2011
4993 Queen’s Park to make TTC an “Essential Service”
4995 Liberty Village Planning Studies
5001 Who Pays, and How Much? (Updated)
5010 Understanding TTC Project Cost Creep
5012 David Gunn Returns to Toronto
5022 TTC’s “State of Good Repair” Funding Crunch
5037 A Sudden Surge of Fare Evasion?
5041 Roncesvalles Construction Resumes
5043 Trackwork Delayed at Queen & Connaught?
5045 Finally! A Dundas West GO Connection (Updated)
5052 Subway City? (Update 3)
5061 Rob Ford’s Designs on Metrolinx (Update 2)
5073 TTC Meeting for April 2011 (Update 2)
5075 South Spadina Headways: What the Riders See
5083 Service Changes for May 8, 2011 (Updated)
5093 NextBus Data Feed Change Breaks Apps & Bookmarks
5102 Are We Losing the Eastern Waterfront?
5109 The Mythical Private Sector Subway
5111 Eglinton-Crosstown Public Meeting (Updated)
5120 The Vanishing Eglinton Right-of-Way
5122 Reading the Fine Print
5127 TTC Fouls up Variety Village Service Plan (Updated)
5133 Metrolinx Meeting Wrapup April 2011
5139 hotdocs 2011 part i
5159 hotdocs 2011 part ii
5175 hotdocs 2011 part iii
5180 TTC Meeting Wrapup May 2011
5185 Secret Service Cuts
5191 The Mythical Finch West BRT (Update 2)
5204 In Case You Haven’t Noticed
5211 Creative Financing for the Sheppard Subway
5214 Service Changes Effective June 19, 2011
5219 Is BRT The Chosen Way?
5221 The Toronto Rockets Debut (Updated)
5238 Subway Financing Falling Apart? (Update 3)
5246 Think About Transit on Finch and Sheppard, But Not Yet
5256 Is the TTC Sabotaging Queen’s Quay’s Redevelopment? (Update 5)
5272 TTC 2012 Operating Budget Preview (Updated)
5280 A Mapnificent View of Toronto
5295 A Few Questions About Eglinton-Crosstown (Update 3)
5301 Where is Metrolinx Going?
5312 Union Station Dig In Progress
5318 July 2011 Metropass: It’s Not In The Mail
5325 So You Just Bought A Subway Station!
5330 Waterloo Regional Council Approves LRT Line 9-2
5338 TTC 2012 Capital Budget Preview
5340 Bloor-Danforth Late Sunday Openings for Viaduct Beam Work (Updated)
5344 Brother, Can You Spare $500-million?
5352 Streetcars Return to Roncesvalles, Sort Of
5370 The Route to Ashbridge Carhouse (Updated)
5376 TTC Meeting of July 6, 2011 (Updated)
5378 King/Bathurst Reconstruction Project (Update 8)
5391 Presto! Pay Now, or Pay Later (Updated)
5398 David Gunn Slams Toronto’s Transit (Updated)
5400 Service Changes in July 2011
5424 Spadina Subway Extension Update
5431 The TTC’s 1991 Operating Budget
5440 How Many Trains Will Fit Through Union Station?
5461 How Many Riders Will Use The Crosstown?
5479 Roncesvalles Renewed Celebration (Updated)
5490 Toronto’s Core Services Review Contemplates Transit Cuts
5498 Will Nobody Stop Fords’ Folly?
5519 How Many Riders Will Use The Crosstown (2)
5524 Budget Cuts Threaten Transit, Not Just Streetcars
5530 What Mayor Ford Should Have Asked For
5538 Service Changes for September 4, 2011
5546 Why Toronto Needs A Fare Increase
5548 No, We’re Not There Yet
5564 TTC at 90
5575 Did Wheel Trans Botch A New System Implementation?
5580 Three Platforms, Little Promise (Update 4)
5585 TIFF 2011 Reviews Part I
5587 TTC 2012: Cuts, Cuts and More Cuts (Updated)
5592 TIFF 2011 Reviews Part IV
5594 TIFF 2011 Reviews Part II
5597 TIFF 2011 Reviews Part III
5604 Service Changes for October through December, 2011 (Update 2)
5613 Please Do Not Adjust Your Set
5635 Creeping Toward Earlier Subway Closing?
5671 More Icing, Less Cake (Updated)
5675 TTC Meeting Preview for October 2011
5679 Moving People: Responses to Congestion (Updated)
5682 Service Changes for January 2012 (Update 6)
5694 TTC Commission Meeting Wrapup for October 2011
5700 Memo to Queen’s Park
5702 November 2011: A Month of Meetings (Updated)
5714 TTC Unveils New Streetcar Design and Mockup (Update 2)
5723 Thirty-Nine
5726 Sheppard Subway Inches Along (Updated)
5762 Metrolinx Board Meeting November 23, 2011 (Part I)
5765 More Riders, Less Service (Update 2)
5773 GO Kitchener Rail Service Starts December 19, 2011
5778 Only A Few Seconds More
5784 What is “Service Efficiency”?
5791 Metrolinx Toys With 3Ps
5797 Union Station & Rail Corridor Capacity
5812 Can the TTC Survive Budget 2012?
5820 TTC Ridership and "Surplus" Continue to Rise
5827 Whither the Port Lands? Waterfront Toronto Public Meeting
5829 TTC Meeting December 14, 2011 (Updated)
5842 Holiday Service for 2011/12
5847 How Many Buses Does Toronto Need?
5854 A Look Back: February 1966
5863 A Look Back: July 1967

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