Archive Directory for 2010 Posts from Old Site

With the migration of posts from my original site to, the naming convention for articles had to be changed.

This is a directory of all articles with links to the new versions. The number before each title is the “post id” of the article on the old site, and this will appear in any old URLs used to access articles there. These appear as “?p=nnnnn” in the URL where “nnnnn” is a numeric value. Click on the title to access the post on the new site.

3115 Still Waiting for Airport Rapid Transit
3119 Do You Want To Buy A Bus?
3126 Will Broadview Station Ever Be Finished? (Updated)
3129 Once Upon A Time in Scarborough
3134 Streetcars for Toronto: 1952 (Updated)
3146 When Things Go Wrong (1) (Updated)
3152 Where Ottawa’s Stimulus Spending Is Going
3156 When Things Go Wrong (2)
3191 A Post Mortem for St. Clair’s Construction
3196 Starting Finch West LRT Construction in 2010
3201 Queen 501 Operational Review
3204 Preliminary Analysis of
3210 Flexity Cars Running in Vancouver
3216 Customer Service On The Rocket (Update 3)
3218 Put Transit City On Ice: Rocco Rossi (Updated)
3233 Customer Service Excellence Our Goal: TTC
3238 Four Years
3244 Transit City Revisited (Part I)
3251 Transit City Revisited (Part II)
3256 Transit City Revisited (Part III, Updated)
3258 Looking Back at “A Grand Plan”
3264 Help Avoid Short Turns (Updated)
3270 TTC Trip Planner Available For Beta Testing (Updated)
3276 A Response to “Save Our Subways”
3280 Walking the Talk
3288 The Mythology of Benefits Case Analyses
3290 Walking the Talk (2)
3295 Adam Giambrone Withdraws From Mayoral Race
3297 Service Changes For February 2010 (Updated)
3304 LRT For Hamilton, Maybe
3312 GO Transit To Raise and Standardize Fares (Updated)
3316 City Finds Rabbit in Hat: Balances Budget and Funds TTC (Updated)
3321 Eglinton LRT: Trouble Brewing in Mt. Dennis (Update 2)
3332 How Many People Work For The TTC? (Update 2)
3350 S(L)RT Open Houses Announced
3352 Analysis of 512 St. Clair, January 2010 (Part 1: Introduction)
3374 Au Revoir, Andy Barrie
3383 Analysis of 512 St. Clair, January 2010 (Part 2: Weekdays, Week 1)
3423 Wandering Streetcars (Updated)
3430 St. Clair From The Archives
3435 Transit 101: Questions for Toronto’s Candidates (Updated)
3439 Analysis of 512 St. Clair, January 2010 (Part 3: Weekdays, Week 4)
3446 TTC Announces Customer Service Advisory Panel
3469 NextBus Adds More Routes
3472 Lorinc vs. Munro: TTC 2.0 or TTC RIP?
3474 Service Changes Effective March 29, 2010
3478 Found Millions
3489 Analysis of 512 St. Clair, January 2010 (Part 4: Intersections)
3518 Transit 102: What is “Good Service”? (Updated)
3521 Anything But LRT
3526 GO Transit / Clean Train Coalition Update
3539 Move Ontario 2030?
3543 What Is Ontario’s Transit Future?
3545 Time For Metrolinx To Earn Its Keep
3553 “Admiral Adam” launches Amphibious City
3563 Le Métro Léger de Charleroi
3567 “Traffic Congestion” In Toronto
3573 Service Changes Effective May 9, 2010
3581 Analysis of 512 St. Clair for Jan-Feb 2010 (Part 1: Headways)
3596 Open Houses: Ashbridge’s Bay Carhouse & Scarborough LRT
3600 TTC E-Initiatives Update (Revision 2)
3607 Just Raise Taxes
3610 ATU Local 113 Hosts “Let’s Talk” Town Halls (Corrected)
3615 Electronic Fare Collection: Lessons From New York
3618 Saving Transit City
3631 Transit City Cars to be Built by Bombardier
3636 NextBus Maps Vanish: Is TTC Embarrassed by Crappy Service?
3638 Speed or Frequency
3642 Public Transit Coalition / Save Transit City Rally
3646 Attention 905: Transit Cuts Hurt You Too
3648 Metropass Turns 30
3652 NextBus, er NextStreetcar, Comes To Broadview
3655 Queen’s Park Commits to Transit City, Sort Of
3657 Making Transit The Better Way
3659 No Priority for Transit Priority Report
3661 The Queen Car is Fine as it Is, Thank You (Updated)
3666 hotdocs 2010 Part I
3668 How Many Cars Reach Long Branch? (Update 4)
3695 hotdocs 2010 Part II
3708 Transit Village
3719 LRV Design Turns to the Public
3729 hotdocs 2010 Part III
3742 Some Days, Only A Swan Boat Will Do
3745 Transit City: Half a Loaf? (Update 4)
3754 More Toronto Rockets for the TTC
3772 The Board of Trade Discovers Transit Funding
3777 Metrolinx Board Wrapup for May 2010
3784 A New Carhouse for TTC Streetcars (Update 4)
3840 Still Waiting For A Long Branch Car (Updated)
3846 Furious George Has A Plan (Update 2)
3855 How Clean Is My Station?
3879 The SRT As It Might Have Been
3890 Subway Operations at the Wye
3896 Sunlight Park Carhouse?
3918 Service Changes Effective June 20, 2010
3924 Bylaw Enforcement is Anti-Transit
3929 Wrong Way at Russell (Updated)
3935 Ridership Growth Strategy Revisited
3942 More New Streetcars For Toronto (Updated)
3949 Multiple Unit CLRV and ALRV Operation
3953 The Spaces In Between
3956 A Small Change to Link Appearance
3960 Rob Ford Campaign Disavows Policy Advisor’s Transit Blog
3965 The Challenge of Waterfront Geography
3968 New Second Exits at Donlands and Greenwood Rouse Community Ire (Update 5)
3976 Broadview Station Second Exit Stays Closed
3979 Metrolinx June 2010 Meeting Preview
3983 St. Clair Service to Keele Starts June 30, 2010
3989 Metrolinx Meeting Followup June 2010 (Updated)
3993 Front Street Redesign Open House (Updated)
3998 A Note to Would-Be Politicians
4000 Neighbourhood Maps Return! Riders Still Somewhat Mystified.
4005 GO Transit Electrification Study Update
4017 Paying the Piper
4023 Parliament and Roncesvalles 2010 Track Work (Update 11)
4027 Where’s My Car?
4095 Mobile Device Support Added
4116 TTC Meeting Wrapup for July 2010
4125 TTC Service Changes Effective September 5, 2010
4130 Paying the Piper (2)
4141 Smart Card Wars
4147 Smart Card Wars (Part II) (Corrected)
4170 Smart Card Wars (Part III) (Update 1)
4179 Thoughts From Down Under
4193 Metrolinx Musical Chairs
4195 Metrolinx Takes Over Airport Link Project
4199 TTC Launches Downtown Rapid Transit Expansion Page
4201 Paying the Piper (3)
4205 Smart Card Wars (Part IV, Updated)
4242 City Council Plans Improved Control Over TTC Budgets
4250 Regular Service Will Resume Shortly
4259 The TTC’s Visitor Centre (Updated)
4261 Service, Courtesy, Safety (Part I)
4266 Service, Courtesy, Safety (Part II)
4270 Service, Courtesy, Safety (Part III)
4281 Catch The Spadina Bus While You Can
4286 Buses vs LRT: “And”, Not “Or” (Updated)
4291 What’s a Fair Share?
4301 The Mysteries of TTC Subsidies (Update 2)
4311 Who Subsidizes The TTC? (Updated)
4329 Revisiting The Waterfront
4333 Rob Ford Wants a Few Subways, But Mainly Buses (Updated)
4351 TIFF 2010 Part I
4361 Presto Post Contract Info
4366 Has Transit Short-Changed Toronto?
4370 TIFF 2010 Part II
4374 TTC Mobile / Trip Planner Not Quite Ready For Prime Time (Updated)
4388 TIFF 2010 Part III
4390 TIFF 2010 Part IV
4394 Regular Service Will Resume Shortly
4405 Notes From a Lecture at Ryerson University
4430 TTC 2011 Budget Preview — Part I: Operating
4437 TTC 2011 Budget Preview — Part II: Capital
4441 Vital Signs 2010
4445 TTC Service Changes Effective October 10, 2010
4450 Union Station 2nd Platform Update
4452 Still Waiting for Transit Priority
4473 Toronto Rockets Are Here, But Not Rolling Yet
4485 A Few Myths About Subway Capacity (Updated)
4496 Lost in Downsview (Updated)
4505 Why I’m Voting For George
4514 Buses vs Streetcars: The View from the TTC
4516 Rejigging Transit City
4521 Mobile Theme Updated
4528 Service Changes for November/December 2010 & January 2011
4537 The Future of Streetcars in Toronto
4582 GO Electrification & Air Rail Link Updates (Update 2)
4584 GO Transit Announces Rail Service to Kitchener-Waterloo (Updated)
4598 Who Goes First?
4611 LRT For Toronto
4619 Forged in Steel
4626 Three Views of Customer Service
4639 Follow That Car! (Updated)
4644 The Day The Big Move Died (Update 2)
4650 Comments RSS
4655 LRT vs Subway — A TTC View
4666 Waiting at Sheppard & McCowan
4671 Did Toronto Council Ever Vote For Transit City? (Update 2)
4673 Apologize, Now!
4682 TTC Meeting Preview — December 2010 (Updated)
4690 How Essential is the TTC?
4697 TTC Meeting Wrapup for December 15, 2010
4705 Metrolinx Muses About Elevated Railways
4715 Let Them Ride Buses
4719 Service Cuts Coming in 2011? (Updated)
4723 Analysis of 512 St. Clair Operations for July 2010 — Part I (Introduction)
4743 Analysis of 512 St. Clair Operations for July 2010 — Part II (Link Times) (Updated)
4745 Where’s My Stop? (Updated)
4769 Analysis of 512 St. Clair Operations for July 2010 — Part III (Headways)

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