Archive Directory for 2009 Posts from Old Site

With the migration of posts from my original site to, the naming convention for articles had to be changed.

This is a directory of all articles with links to the new versions. The number before each title is the “post id” of the article on the old site, and this will appear in any old URLs used to access articles there. These appear as “?p=nnnnn” in the URL where “nnnnn” is a numeric value. Click on the title to access the post on the new site.

1630 GO Transit’s Relief Line: The 1986 Study
1638 Will the Long Branch Car Live Again?
1641 Urban Goddess: Jane Jacobs Reconsidered
1644 Front Street Extension: Going, Going …
1647 Who Will Ride the Yonge Subway?
1658 So You Want To Go To Sutton
1668 The Scarborough LRT That Wasn’t (Updated)
1692 North Toronto vs the T&YRR
1700 Vancouver: More Service / Great Blog
1708 Michael Ignatieff on Transit (Updated)
1711 Blue 22 on Goldhawk Live
1714 Metrolinx Fare & Service Integration (Update 3)
1726 Three Years / A Grand Design Revisited
1731 For The Record
1738 Yonge Subway Extension Additional Information Report (Updated)
1747 Metrolinx Announces Weston Corridor Airport/GO Study (Updated)
1753 Scarborough RT/LRT Benefits Case Analysis (Updated)
1770 Mr. Flaherty Discovers Union Station
1774 Council Calls for Relief Line Study
1779 Divine Intervention May, Or May Not, Affect Service
1785 TTC Service Review Meeting
1792 Where’s My Streetcar?
1802 GO Georgetown South Open House Reviewed
1804 Bus and Operator Shortage Hits Service
1808 Yonge Subway Tunnel Repairs Phase 2 Begins (Updated)
1812 Toronto’s Operating Budget and the TTC
1814 The Bingham to Long Branch Car
1817 Where Are The Queen Car Riders Going? (Updated)
1821 Trolley Buses? Not For Toronto (Update 2)
1826 Putting Green Power in Perspective (Updated)
1838 Transit City Status Update
1852 Ontario Parks
1859 GO Kitchener-Waterloo & Guelph
1862 Is McGuinty Impatient With Metrolinx?
1869 The TTC “Crime Wave”
1874 Metrolinx Manages Public Participation
1876 Coming Soon
1879 Waterfront East Surfaces At Last (Update 1)
1885 All Over The Waterfront (Update 4)
1886 Fare By Distance? Not When It Suits GO (Updated)
1898 Watch Streetcars Live on Next Bus Beta
1904 St. Clair Spring 2009 Update
1906 Roncesvalles Redesign Public Meeting (Update 2)
1913 Praxis II Showcase 2009 at U of T
1931 Queen’s Quay Revitalization Plan
1934 Union Loop: Trading One Bad Design For Another? (Update 1)
1939 Metrolinx Marries GO, Dumps Pesky Politicians
1945 What Do You Really Want, Mr. Bradley?
1952 Ontario Funds Three Transit City Routes
1956 Ottawa & Queen’s Park Announce GO Transit Improvements
1959 Sheppard LRT Will Go To Don Mills Station
1962 Understanding Union Station
1975 Metrolinx New Speak
1983 GO Transit Buys CN Weston Subdivision
1985 Why Do Streetcars Bunch Up?
1987 GO Transit Contemplates Customer Satisfaction and Station Design
2002 How Much Should the Eglinton Line Cost? (Update 1)
2004 10,001 Comments
2006 Scarborough Malvern Public Meetings Deferred
2008 Metrolinx Cancels April Board Meeting
2010 Weston Corridor Meetings Start Tonight
2018 Another GO Transit Grade Separation Project (Updated)
2021 Stellar Stupidity From Astral Media
2023 Staging the Electrification of GO Transit
2026 The Shape of the Suburbs
2030 The Freedom of the City — A spacing erratum
2033 The Kuala Lumpur Monorail
2036 High Speed Rail Symposium
2039 Downtown Relief Line Petition
2041 Bombardier Recommended for Low Floor Streetcar Order (Updated)
2050 Analysis of 501 Queen Service 2008/09: Part I — Comparative Short Turn Data
2072 WWLRT Public Meetings: Park Lawn to Long Branch
2076 Service Changes for May, 2009
2084 Analysis of 501 Queen Service Winter 2008/2009: Part II Long Branch to Parkside
2101 Who Will Pay for New Streetcars?
2105 A Few Details About New Streetcars
2110 Hot Docs 2009: Part I
2114 Hot Docs 2009: Part II
2120 Hot Docs 2009: Part III
2125 AC or DC?
2132 Hot Docs 2009: Part IV
2135 The Agenda on TVO: Sharing the Road (Updated)
2139 Goodbye Metrolinx, Hello Metrolinx
2144 Hot Docs 2009: Part V
2150 Hot Docs 2009: Part VI
2163 My Ride on the King Car
2169 Sheppard East LRT Funding Announced (Updated)
2179 SRT Extension Open House
2192 Fare By Distance: How Much Would We Pay?
2197 Waterfront West Update
2199 Some Things Take A Little Time
2203 When Is A Park Not A Park?
2205 Sheppard LRT Don Mills Connection Unveiled, Sort Of
2209 Who Pays for Transit?
2212 Second Exits, Second Entrances
2216 The “War” On Cars
2218 Electrifying News for GO Transit
2222 Sheppard East / Don Mills Station Design
2225 Eglinton LRT Update
2228 Port Lands Carhouse and Maintenance Facility
2234 TTC Ridership, Budgets and Those Pesky Metropass Users
2237 Service Changes Effective June 21, 2009 (Updated)
2240 Union Station Revitalization Update
2252 Weston Corridor Update
2258 A Long Day At City Hall
2262 A Few Questions About the Scarborough RT Extension
2269 Scarborough-Malvern LRT Update
2271 Bombardier Markets Streetcars
2274 Metrolinx Speaks With A New Voice
2276 Safety for Lake Shore Streetcar Riders
2282 Funding for New Streetcars (Updated)
2286 Is GO Transit Bad For Your Health? (Update 2)
2297 How Much Will GO Electrification Cost? (Update 3)
2299 How Many Streetcars Do We Need?
2309 Toronto Will Finance Its Own Streetcars (Updated)
2316 Kitchener-Waterloo Opts For Light Rail & Gets Instant Funding
2328 Observations from GO Niagara
2330 Metrolinx Publishes Electrification Studies
2332 Eglinton LRT Design (Part 1: Introduction & Western Segment)
2338 Eglinton LRT Design (Part 2: Keele to Warden)
2342 Eglinton LRT Design (Part 3: Warden to Kennedy & Tunnelling Options)
2345 Queen’s Park Reveals Metrolinx’ Role
2350 Queen Car Operation Update
2352 Restructuring the Queen Car
2355 Who Will Build Transit City’s Fleet?
2359 Church Street Track Construction Begins (Updated)
2372 How Big a Hole Do We Need?
2377 GO Transit Expansion Plan Overview
2380 Why Streetcars?
2385 Advice for the Advisory Committee
2391 A brief interruption …
2394 Ask Not …
2398 Stratford July 2009 Reviews
2403 Construction Season 2009 (Updated)
2413 Service Changes Effective August 2, 2009
2427 Service Changes for September 2009 (Updated)
2431 Union Station Funding Approved
2438 What Shall We Do With Don Mills?
2449 An Electrifying Opportunity
2452 Union Station Project Approved by Toronto Council
2456 Metrolinx Reviews the Richmond Hill Subway Extension
2464 Trolley Coaches for Toronto?
2477 Is Electrification Inevitable For GO Lakeshore Express?
2481 What Shall We Do With Don Mills (2)?
2499 Our Transportation Salesmen
2504 Toronto Medical Officer of Health Backs GO Electrification
2511 Metrolinx Seeks Input to Electrification Study
2513 Why Do We Need Another Bus Terminal?
2520 Transit City Bus Plan: Surface Routes Matter (Update 2)
2530 Shameless Self Promotion
2535 Service Changes for October 18, 2009 (Updated)
2539 Queen Car Route Split Effective October 19, 2009
2542 Sometimes Repairs Take Longer Than Expected
2549 Weston Community Coalition Slams Metrolinx Corridor Study
2556 Stratford August 2009 Reviews
2572 Eglinton LRT: Martin Grove to Pearson Airport
2574 TIFF 2009
2578 Barcelona By Tram
2582 TIFF 2009 Reviews (1)
2592 The Discovery of a Transit Agenda
2604 Landmarks Vanish! Tourists Mystified!! (Update 2)
2617 TIFF 2009: Part I
2624 TIFF 2009: Part IIA
2626 TIFF 2009: Part III
2628 TIFF 2009: Part IV
2633 Portlands Carhouse Proposal
2638 Those Too-Popular Metropasses (Update 2)
2644 TTC Capital Budget 2010-2019
2654 Streetcars Return to St. Clair
2657 The Mayor of Transit City
2662 Marathon Diversions
2666 More Follies With Station Signage
2672 Metrolinx Fudges Clean Train Info
2677 TIFF 2009: Part II
2684 Metrolinx Loves its Secrecy (Updated)
2688 Will the RT become LRT? (Update 3)
2705 Weston Corridor GO/UPRL Approved, But With Conditions (Update 4)
2722 Fun With Figures at Metrolinx
2727 Fun With Figures at Metrolinx (2)
2733 GO Transit Pile Driving Ruled Unreasonable (Update 3)
2738 Will Diesels Roar Through Minister’s Loophole?
2742 Rethinking the Waterfront West LRT
2745 Coming Soon
2747 Metrolinx Electrification Study Terms of Reference
2756 TTC Capital Budget 2010-2019 (2): Subway Fleet and Service Plans
2768 Trial Split of 501 Queen Car (Updated)
2772 Streetcars on the Waterfront (1968)
2786 TTC Capital Budget 2010-2019 (3): Bus Fleet Plan (Update 3)
2794 Streetcar Track Replacement Plan 2010-2014
2802 TTC Riding Up, But Not Quite Enough
2804 GO Transit’s Service Plans: Small Changes Now, More Later
2808 The TTC Responds: TTC Times 2 / Riding Around Loops
2816 Metrolinx Publishes Full Richmond Hill Subway Study
2818 TTC Capital Budget 2010-2019 (4): Trimming to Fit
2830 The War On Metropasses (1)
2833 The War on Metropasses (2)
2838 TTC Capital Budget 2010-2019 (5): A Question of Accuracy
2844 St. Clair Follies Fall 2009 Update
2851 TTC Proposes 2010 Fare Increase (Updated)
2857 A New Loop at Queen and Broadview? (Updated)
2860 On The Rocket: A Review
2867 Transit Improvements for Pan Am Games? Dream On.
2869 Those Vanishing Tokens
2872 A Little Accuracy Would Be Nice
2874 TTC Presto Update
2877 Eglinton LRT Update (Revised)
2880 Yonge Subway Yard Study (Revised)
2884 TTC Budget Report: Raise the Fares
2886 What Should We Do About Fares?
2900 Metrolinx Meets Mostly In Private (November 2009 Edition)
2904 Metrolinx “Big 5” Update (November 2009)
2908 What Should We Do About fares (2)
2912 Keeping My Hand Out Of The Cookie Jar
2914 Designing Transit Cities — 37 Years Later
2918 Eglinton LRT Project Open Houses (Updated)
2922 On The Rocket, Episode 2
2924 The Bloor-Yonge Platform Experiment (Updated)
2926 What Should We Do About Fares (3)
2945 Finch West LRT Update December 2009
2947 Wandering Rails on St. Clair (Update 2)
2981 The Effect of Rapid Transit on Local Shopping
2988 A Very Bad Day on the Subway
2991 Transit City Update December 2009 (Part 1)
2999 Transit City December 2009 Update (Part 2)
3002 The TTC As An Arbiter of Morality and Good Taste
3010 Still Waiting for Transit Priority Report (Updated)
3014 Globe Blows Hot Air on Climate Change
3018 A Day To Celebrate on St. Clair
3033 The 512 Rocket
3041 The Guru Speaks
3045 How To Raise Fares 11% and Make Almost Nothing At All
3049 Sometimes Old Technology Wins Out
3051 Why Is The TTC Budget Up By So Much In 2010? (Updated)
3057 Top of the Season
3083 Transit City December 2009 Update (Part 3) (Revised)
3091 Service Changes for January 2010
3099 History of the Dundas West GO Connection
3108 The Long Sad Tale of the Queen Car

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