Archive Directory for 2006 Posts from Old Site

With the migration of posts from my original site to, the naming convention for articles had to be changed.

This is a directory of all articles with links to the new versions. The number before each title is the “post id” of the article on the old site, and this will appear in any old URLs used to access articles there. These appear as “?p=nnnnn” in the URL where “nnnnn” is a numeric value. Click on the title to access the post on the new site.

4 A Bold Initiative for Don Valley Transport
5 Toronto International Film Festival
31 Flatlining the TTC
38 A Rose By Any Other Name: Subway Station Beautification
39 TTC Ridership Growth Strategy – Where Are We Now?
43 TTC Fare Increase
44 Sell By Distance or Sell By Volume? The Silver Lining of a Fare Increase
47 Day Pass Rules Change
48 If I Had A Billion Dollars
50 What Is a Poor Performing Route?
51 Mel’s Folly, or the Sheppard Sinkhole
52 So You Want Us To Build You A Subway!
53 Why Are There So Many Poor Performing Routes?
54 Why Are There So Many Empty Buses?
55 Streetcars on St. Clair
56 A Forest of Poles
57 Fares and Service
58 Centre Poles on St. Clair (A Follow-Up)
59 How To Kill Ridership: The Saga of the Queen Car
60 Flights to Nowhere
65 TTC Cattle Cars: Why Do TTC Engineers Love Bench Seating?
66 Who Will Ride the York University Subway?
67 Rumbling Red Rockets
69 What To Do With Spadina
70 The Spadina Debate: Replies to Comments
71 TTC Cattle Cars: An Update
72 How Many People Can We Get Out Of Cars With Transit?
73 Meanwhile on Queen Street: Comments
74 Build Subways! Cut Service! The Wisdom of Commissioner Li Preti
76 Why Was The Bloor Subway So Successful?
78 Looking Back at the Russell Hill Tragedy
79 Reader Comments on Subway Plans (2)
80 TTC Riding Rising! (It’s Not Levitation!)
81 How Often Can Subway Trains Run?
82 A Grand Plan: Transit in the GTA
86 Review: TSO Shostakovich 8th
87 TTC Cattle Cars Part 3: Passengers 2, Staff 1
88 Subway Car Seating: Readers Comment
89 Subway Art: Watercolours by Sigmund Augustus Serafin
90 The 100th New Tramway
91 Why Run Good Service When You Can Just Take Them To Court? (Updated)
92 Budgets Versus Ridership Growth: Why You Can’t Get On
93 Queen Street LRT: The Pre-Metro That Never Was
96 Public Spaces, Private Investment
97 Reader Comments on LRT and Subways (Updated)
98 Front Street and the Waterfront West LRT Scheme
99 Density and Subway Construction
100 A Question of Density, Indeed
101 LRT and Subway Capacity — Sheppard, Spadina and Afar
102 East Waterfront Update
103 More Reader Comments
104 Where Are Streetcars Going in Toronto?
106 Trains on King Street
107 From The Archives: 1984 Streetcar Operations Study
111 Coupled or Uncoupled? Spring Is In The Air
112 Plans for New Streetcars?
114 A Grand Set of Comments
115 Streetcar Vehicles, Operations and Service: Reader Comments
116 Wye Didn’t Subway Integration Work? A Look Back at Subway Operations
121 From The Archives: New Streetcars for Toronto (Updated)
125 Jane Jacobs
126 What Shall We Do With The Scarborough RT?
127 Rumours About Siemens and New Streetcars (Updated)
129 From the Archives: The Scarborough LRT — What Might Have Been
130 Reader Comments: A Mixed Bag For the End of April
131 hotdocs: Alimentation Générale
132 Poor Research Sinks Bus Advocate
133 The Scarborough RT, LRT Plans and a Star Editorial
134 Reader Letters: Calgary and Scarborough LRT
135 hotdocs: 5 Days / Glenn Gould Hereafter
136 Tax Cuts and the Metropass
137 Service Quality: What Tax Cuts Don’t Give Us
138 Readers Comment About Service Quality
139 Reader Comments About the RT and Subways (Updated)
140 Reader Comments About New Streetcars and Subway Cars
141 Christoper Hume and Jeff Gray Write About Transit
142 The Spadina Subway: The Elephant in the Room
143 Café Brussel, “The Grande Dame of the Danforth”, Closing May 27
148 New Subway Car Update
150 To Scoff or Not To Scoff? (Updated)
153 Bus Fleet Planning
163 Streetcar Fleet Planning
164 Old Wine in Old Bottles
165 Back on the Rails?
166 Goodbye to the Café Brussel
167 Spadina, Front and Queen’s Quay
168 Rick Ducharme Resigns From TTC (Updated)
169 Just A Few Questions
170 The World According to Rick Ducharme
171 Everything Old Is New Again
172 New Streetcars Stymied Again by Budget Advisory Committee
173 Waterfront East and Scarborough RT Updates
174 The Bombardier Affair
175 A Plethora of Comments
176 Ontario Spends on Roads, Reneges on Transit
177 TTC Budget Update: New Streetcars vs Old
178 Waterfront East and West: An Update
179 Farewell to the Royal, the Paradise, the Kingsway and the Revue (Updated)
180 Tories and Liberals: All Study, No Money
181 Where Did The Rush Hour Go? (Updated)
182 Reader Comments: Transit Service Quality
183 Reader Comments: Fares and Fare Collection
184 Reader Comments: Streetcars, LRT and Subways
185 Waterfront West and the Front Street Extension
186 Public Participation? A Contrast of Two Environmental Assessments
187 Earth Matters
188 Flights to Nowhere Revisited (Updated)
189 Cattle Car Update — New Subway Car Seating (Updated)
190 St. Clair Update
191 Spadina Subway Financing
192 Waterfront Revitalization Five and Ten Year Plans
193 Ridership Growth Strategy Update – More Buses Eventually (Updated)
194 Proof of Payment and Service Quality
195 About me
196 Today at the TTC
197 The Air Conditioned Streetcar
198 New Subway Cars: The Mockup Reviewed
199 Service Changes Coming in September
201 A Weekend in Stratford
202 A Short Trip to Long Branch
203 The Last Word on Perimeter Seating [I hope]
204 Suddenly, Transit’s A Big Issue Again (1)
205 Oliver! In Stratford
206 Thunder Track and the Wonder of Queen’s Quay
207 Suddenly Transit’s A Big Issue Again (2)
208 Fleet Street Follies
209 UK Tories, the BBC and Portland, Oregon
210 A Tale of Two Don Juans
211 Another Stratford Visit
212 Where Did Cleveland’s Streetcars Go?
213 Suddenly Transit’s A Big Issue Again (3)
214 Streetcars for Scarborough?
215 TTC Riding Continues to Grow Despite Budget Constraints
216 SRT Final Report — RT Or LRT?
217 Scarborough RT Final Report — Remarks for August 30, 2006
218 Coming Soon (October edition)
219 The RT and Scarborough’s Future
220 The Bombardier Subway Cars: How Much Do They Really Cost?
221 Riding the Rails
223 TTC Capital Budget: Where Will The Money Come From?
224 What Should We Do Now? “A Grand Plan” Revisited
225 No More Subways? It Must Be Something In The Air
226 Toronto International Film Festival 2006 Reviews — Part 1 of 5
227 Toronto International Film Festival Reviews — Part 2 of 5
228 Lots of Za, No Buses, No Operators
229 Waterfront West and St. Clair LRT Projects
230 All Night Subway Service?
231 We Get Comments
232 Toronto International Film Festival Reviews — Part 3 of 5
233 Do We Ever Count Passengers? [Updated]
234 Toronto International Film Festival Reviews — Part 4 of 5
235 Margaret Wente Rides the Rocket (Updated)
236 What’s Up On St. Clair? (With A Glance at Spadina)
237 Toronto International Film Festival Reviews — Part 5 of 5
238 A Rose By Any Other Name (Updated)
239 To Toll or Not To Toll
240 Over at spacing votes
241 The Future of Transit: Swan Boats!
242 Where Will We Put Everyone?
243 Two Kilometers a Year
244 A Look At Candidates’ Transit Policies: Jane Pitfield
245 A Look At Candidates’ Transit Policies: David Miller
246 Some Days, You Need Dedication to Ride the Rocket
247 How Frequently Can We Run Subway Trains
250 The World’s Fair, the Gardiner and the Front Street Extension
251 Closing Remarks from the GTA Transit Summit
252 How Do We Calculate the Cost of Transit Operations? Part 1: The Raw Data [Updated]
256 How Joe Mihevc Got Conned On St. Clair [Updated]
257 Winners and Losers
259 Fare Boundary Woes
263 Eighteen Lost Years
264 Automatic Train Operation, Capacity, Night Service and Clean Stations
265 Waterfront West LRT Plans
266 St. Clair Update
267 Howard Levine Writes About St. Clair
268 A Plea for Better Durham Transit
269 The Changing of the Guard
270 See The Ghost Subway Station! [Updated]
271 TTC Meeting Wrapup: December 13, 2006
272 Where Are My Comments?
273 Service For January 2007
276 The Subway Diversion Map
282 Going, Going, Gone
283 A Wakeup Call for Chairman Adam
284 Always A Car In Sight
287 David Soknacki’s Valediction
289 New Streetcars Sooner, Not Later? (Updated)

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