Another Look at A Grand Plan

Warning: This post will be offensive to those with sensitive egos. In recent months, probably thanks to the election campaign, I have acquired a few “followers” who have enough working brain cells to put together rants on a daily basis. They decry my antipathy to anyone-but-Chow, subways, SmartTrack, and various other schemes claiming that I […]

A Grand Plan: 2011 Edition

Back in the early days of this blog, I wrote a long paper about the role of transit and what a truly regional plan would look like.  To avoid extensively quoting myself, I suggest that any newcomers to this site read that as a starting point as it contains not just a list of routes, […]

A Slightly Less Grand Plan

Ontario’s Finance Minister, Dwight Duncan, yesterday announced that the province will run a half-billion dollar deficit thanks to the international financial upheavals and declining economic outlook.  In this context, I spent the day at a Metrolinx “stakeholders’ meeting” where we discussed details of the Draft Regional Transportation Plan and Investment Strategy.  The whole discussion has […]

A Grand Plan Revisited

Sean Marshall pointed out that I started a thread here just over two years ago under the title of A Grand Plan. The first post in that series included a long paper detailing what a regional transit plan for Toronto might look like as well as a technical discussion of transit modes. In the process […]

A Grand Plan: Transit in the GTA

With the Ontario Budget due out on Thursday along with who knows what other announcements, it’s time to think big about transit in the GTA.  The documents linked here are intended to do this, to stake my ground for what a transit network should look like.  The versions posted now have some minor changes, mainly […]

TTC Capital Budget and Plan 2021

Updated November 10, 2021 at 9:00 am: Links to TTC reports have been updated to point to the TTC’s new website. Updated December 22, 2020 at 1:20 pm: Some illustrations from the Board meeting presentation have been added to this article, or have replaced previous versions with lower resolution from the budget report. Text has […]