Holiday Service for 2011/12

As usual during the holiday period, service will operate at a reduced level because schools are closed and many people are on vacation.

On New Year’s Eve, most services will operate until about 4:00 am, and rides will be free after midnight until 4:00 am.  The last train meet at Bloor-Yonge will be at about 3:37 am (northbound, westbound and eastbound).  (The usual time for last trains is 1:54 am.)

The late night closing time for the Yonge subway north of Eglinton varies from day to day because of holiday schedules for the crews working there on tunnel repairs.

The hours of service through the holidays are summarized below.

Date      Service    Start End   YSNE
          Type                   Closes

Dec 19-23 Reduced    6:00  2:00  12:30
Dec 24    Saturday   6:00  2:00  2:00
Dec 25    Sunday     9:00  2:00  2:00
Dec 26    Holiday    6:00  2:00  2:00
Dec 27    Saturday   6:00  2:00  12:30
Dec 28-30 Reduced    6:00  2:00  12:30
Dec 31    Saturday   6:00  4:00  4:00
Jan 1     Sunday     9:00  2:00  2:00
Jan 2     Holiday    6:00  2:00  12:30
Jan 3-6   Reduced    6:00  2:00  12:30

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  1. nfitz says:

    Holiday service January 2nd? Hmm. Do I work for the only business that closed December 30th, but are fully open January 2nd?

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