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Recently, I did an interview for Adam Bemma from Montreal, and it’s posted on  The session was boiled down from about 25 minutes to a little under 12.  If you get tired of listening to me, you can always close the window.

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Steve thanks you for reading this article, even if you don't agree with it.
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  1. Ron McAllister says:

    A few question to Steve:

    1) Will Rob Fords plan cost the city more than transit city?
    2) Will Ford’s plan be implemented more quickly than transit city?
    3) Will Ford’s plan be narrower and less expansive in reach than transit city?
    4) Does anyone have a problem with the fact that Ford’s plan doesn’t have the reach to the poorer parts of Toronto? Isn’t this a form of regional discrimination in that these minorities of new Canadians won’t get the service that their wealthier neighbor will receive under Ford’s plan?


    1. Yes, if by “transit city” you mean the initial four lines that have funding. If you mean the full Transit City network, it may be a draw.

    2. Definitely not.

    3. Yes, by a wide margin.

    4. You are not supposed to notice this problem with the Ford plan.

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